Spring break

Hi guys!!! I personally am so excited for the spring break! You get a break from school and you get to eat lots and lots of chocolate! Please comment if you like chocolate and what you are doing over the break. I am very busy. I’m sleeping in, eating, gardening and especially making blogs for… Continue reading Spring break

A poem :)

I AM A PARROT I am a parrot, I am fluffy and smart. I am often hungry and love a good tart I am a monkey, I am cheeky and brown. I often hang about in my favourite town I am a Zebra, I am stripy and fast and these words are my last! I… Continue reading A poem 🙂

M&M day

Thursday 17th November Today was a M&M day which means mum and me! I didn’t have school today because of parent/teacher conferences. We went to school first to do that and luckily I did quite well. We went to Chertsey next and stopped for lunch at a café called Sorrento. We walked to Costa and Mum had a… Continue reading M&M day

New house

Hi guys! I am moving! Our new house is in Chertsey. Right now we are in our temporary house. We will stay in the temporary for two months and then we will either move into the top floor while the floorboards are being done or if the floorboards are already done we will move straight… Continue reading New house

My cat

Hi guys! Just wanted to tell you a bit about my cat Sidney! Sidney is half Persian and half something that I really cant remember! She is actually 14 which is really old for a cat. She whines a lot and has a really weird habit of drinking from the tap!? I will be posting a… Continue reading My cat

hi friends

Hi guys! This is my first blog and I am so exited! My name is Maddie Banks and for all of you who already know me hi and I hope I see you soon. By Maddie