Spring break

Hi guys!!!
I personally am so excited for the spring break! You get a break from school and you get to eat lots and lots of chocolate!
Please comment if you like chocolate and what you are doing over the break. I am very busy. I’m sleeping in, eating, gardening and especially making blogs for you guys!! Today I am on my new laptop! it used to be my mums but she got a surface pro 4 and she gave this to me. I’m really excited about it! I can do blogs more regularly now because I have access to a computer that works.The computer still has all of mums stuff on it but tomorrow my dad will wipe it and I can start again from scratch!

My new house is almost perfect now. We are still doing some work on it but my room and office are complete and i love them. What I love about a new house is it is a chance to start again because you can design it anyway you want! You can rearrange all your furniture and put stuff in new places that suit them. You can also clean out all the stuff you never use and relocate anything you have lost in the past! Now I have to go downstairs to practice my violin but I will do another blog soon!

Your blogger Maddie.

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