New house

Hi guys!

I am moving! Our new house is in Chertsey. Right now we are in our temporary house. We will stay in the temporary for two months and then we will either move into the top floor while the floorboards are being done or if the floorboards are already done we will move straight in! Sidney is moved into the temporary house with us and is very settled in. Our new house is quite big and I get a small bedroom at the back and a playroom/office! my cousins and I love playing hide and seek so it is perfect for that.

All the people on the road are really nice and my Mum met some nice ladies called Sue and Ives going to church, when she was outside gardening! Ican’t wait to move in and will definitely tell you all about it

Bye for now


P.S: Please comment if you like, dislike or want to leave advice.


  1. Shannon Banks |

    Glad you’re excited about the new house and so patient with the temporary flat, especially during Christmas!

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