M&M day

Thursday 17th November

Today was a M&M day which means mum and me!

I didn’t have school today because of parent/teacher conferences. We went to school first to do that and luckily I did quite well. We went to Chertsey next and stopped for lunch at a café called Sorrento. We walked to Costa and Mum had a call. I got a hot chocolate! Yum! We had planned to go to swimming next so we decided to go to the Guildford swimming pool because that was the one that I found most fun. We went in the deep end and on the slides! The slides were fun because they were super fast and there was one were you had to use a tyre and that one was my favourite! After our swim we had a shower and then got in the car.

When we got home we decided to write in our home books. Our home books are basically notebooks that are specifically for a new home. You can write ideas and stick in photos! We decided to hangout at home the rest of the day.

Thx for reading



  1. Shannon Banks |

    What a fun day! I have loved it!

  2. Richard Banks |

    Sounds like a really cool day. I wish I could have gone swimming with you.

  3. Merek Weed |

    Sounds AWESOME!

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